CELL; Terror strikes again in Europe

A future where normal people can make a difference, in spite of all odds and circumstances, terror can be stopped. Read here how…

Cell; a story of terrorism, heroism and sacrifice in three chapters…

Imagine Europe as we know it. European citizens living peacefully, even after the terrorist attacks of New York, Barcelona and London. But what if underneath this layer of rest, lays another world, a world where terrorist cells plan multiple attacks on several European countries.

We all have seen the images of the car burns in the French Banlieus. We have all witnessed the ethnic riots in Brussels and we will all see the car bombing in Holland.

What if all these events are not simply separate events?
What if an evil mastermind has coordinated them all?

Please enter the world of the terrorist cell, where an agent of the Dutch AIVD managed to infiltrate the organization.

Cell is drawn by Przemyslaw Klosin.

More information about the series, the artist and the process of creating a storyline can be found here: http://www.stripspeciaalzaak.be/Commentator.php


Cell1Must_DarkBook 1 (Spring 2014)

The first book, tells the story of a terrorist attack in Holland. A student accidently stumbles upon the terrorist plot and with the help of some friends manages to prevent the loss of many lives in an explosive showdown at Amsterdam Airport. We are introduced to a corrupt police officer, a sleazy racist politician and an undercover AIVD agent.

Cell01CovFr01Book 2 (2015)

The second story takes place in France in the banlieus. Riots are exploding again when two youngsters are being killed after a police chase. Carefully orchestrated riots by the terrorist leader Assad Saeed Tawahl. The undercover AIVD agent appears in the area and connects to another cell. He provides valuable Intel and they set up several traps for the local police. We again witness politicians taking advantage of this highly explosive situation en witness a connection with the Dutch Parliament. A connection with the European council is established and we witness how the AIVD agent is providing information to his handler. One page of the case file, which was accidently, tossed away at the offices of Europol sets a series of events in motion that will all lead to a climatic showdown between Assad Saeed Tawahl and the AIVD agent. The story ends with Assad Saeed Tawahl walking away from a car that burns and where we see the AIVD agent lying heavily wounded.

Book 3 (2016)

The third chapter brings us to Brussels where riots between the Flemish and French have broken out. These riots have also been orchestrated by the evil mind of Assad Saeed Tawahl At this European capitol we find the undercover cop, after having had extensive plastic surgery. He infiltrates into another terrorist cell that has managed to get their hands on some radioactive material that has been smuggled out of one of the Russian army bases. With tension building up between the French and the Flemish inhabitants the agent is racing the clock when terrorists are trying to blow up the European summit at the end of the Belgian Chairmanship of the EU.


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