24 7Being a rookie cop in one of the largest Dutch cities isn’t easy. Rookie officers Herre en Marleen are experiencing this first hand. Portraying the national reorganization of the 26 Regional Police Forces into one National Police organization by tales of every day police work. This comic series is being published by the National Police Force in the Netherlands in their monthly police magazine 24/7.

From Domestic Violence to Riot Control. From training situations to bike patrol, all elements of real life police work are being told. With more than 26 years of experience in police work, writer Sytse S. Algera knows how the job is being done and manages to portray this in an unique tale where reality and fiction are being transformed into one of the best police comics ever published.

24/7 is drawn by Patrick van Oppen.

24-7-pl1_def 24-7-pl2_def 24-7-pl3_def

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