De Vries

Color cover Pro Justitia 01 caImagine your family being threatened by an unknown organization. And being a reporter who has to choose between his eagerness for the next scoop, and the safety of his family. John de Vries has a tough choice to make. With his job on the line, his struggle with alcohol and an unknown but powerful organization looking for him. Some days are just better than others.

De Vries is drawn by Patrick van Oppen.

Book 1 (2011)

A Family on the run

After receiving an USB stick with proof of corruption, John is putting his family in danger by not returning it after being shot at. Using the CCTV system to follow their prey, this organization is not only more powerful than the Government, but also less forgiving. Being chased after by ruthless killers, he finds himself in the desolate forests alone with his children, and a whole bunch of gunmen.

Book 2 (2012)

Firestarter (Nominated for the Stripschapspenning 2012 – The Dutch equivalent of the Eisner awards)

A corrupted politician and a ruthless arsonist. A government conspiracy to make sure that all traces of evidence are being destroyed by passing a new privacy Law in the country. Reporter John de Vries is the only one capable of exposing this politician. Events that started in the first book, are quickly evolving in new problems for John as well as his family.

Book 3 (2014)

Blind Love

Lover boys and party Island Ibiza. Drugs, car chases as well as John struggle with the local Law Enforcement are the key elements in this soon to be published new chapter in the lives of De Vries family. Daughter Sacha is still struggling with the events that transpired in the Belgian forests and is close to falling into the hands of a ruthless gang of lover boys who prey on vulnerable girls.

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