Cell – Book Two

Cell01CovFr01Book 2 (2015)

The second story takes place in France in the banlieus. Riots are exploding again when two youngsters are being killed after a police chase. Carefully orchestrated riots by the terrorist leader Assad Saeed Tawahl. The undercover AIVD agent appears in the area and connects to another cell. He provides valuable Intel and they set up several traps for the local police. We again witness politicians taking advantage of this highly explosive situation en witness a connection with the Dutch Parliament. A connection with the European council is established and we witness how the AIVD agent is providing information to his handler. One page of the case file, which was accidently, tossed away at the offices of Europol sets a series of events in motion that will all lead to a climatic showdown between Assad Saeed Tawahl and the AIVD agent. The story ends with Assad Saeed Tawahl walking away from a car that burns and where we see the AIVD agent lying heavily wounded.


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